Fantasy Football: HOF Comparisons

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On an earlier show this month, Fantasy Football Weekly, we decided to talk about some of today’s top fantasy football producers and which of the all-time greats of the game they resemble.

(This was sparked by Favre comparing Romo to him.) We’ll talk about who each of these players compares to…. the top players and the value guys.


  • Tom Brady – Reminds me a lot of Joe Namath. Tall statuesque passers that could kill you from the perspective that they could place a football anywhere on the field and as a vertical threat, he kept defenses honest and allowed the Jets running game to thrive.
  • Drew Brees – A tough one because his uncanny accuracy is extremely unique and his knowledge and timing in the Saints offense has been flat out record breaking with some of the stuff he’s been able to do.  A bit undersized and not as gifted an athlete, I’d have to throw an undersized Lenny Dawson out there.  Just because of his consistency and the way he was able to take his game to a new level under his former coach Hank Stram.
  • Aaron Rodgers – This one was easy for me.  Steve Young. Rodgers is a big time athlete, he can make plays on the ground but he is possibly even more deadly accurate than Young was in his 49ers hayday.
  • Jay Cutler – Sonny Jurgenson, Classic gun slinger with crazy arm strength and ball skills.  Delivered an insanely pretty pass, very similar to Cutler but I’d still give the edge to Jay…  that guy can spin it like no other.
  • Carson Palmer – Dan Fouts, exudes control of the offense out there and even though people might forget it but Palmer was just as hyper productive as Fouts in his early years.  Similar lack of presence against a pass rush but both have great deliveries.


  • Arian Foster – I don’t mean this as an insult to Mr. Foster here so please focus just on the player and not the current person…. OJ Simpson. In his day the Juice could spot the back cut and devastate a team from the backside.  His best attribute was his change of direction ability and acceleration. Read more…
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IDP Value Plays

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Lawrence TimmonsI haven’t written anything at the site’s blog here in a while and since we’ve been hitting up the IDP content lately, it’s probably a good idea to transfer some of the notes into actual site content.

Here’s some news to note first…

  • The Tennessee Titans have big plans for DE Kamerion Wimbley – Not only did Titans’ Jerry Gray, who spent a season in Seattle, compare Kamerion Wimbley to Chris Clemons but said that both players get off the ball extremely quick.  If Clemons production is any indication, then Wimbley or Morgan could be due to rack up double digit sacks.
  • Starting Safety is up for grabs in Miami – Now that veteran strong safety Yeremiah Bell is now playing for the Jets, there’s a wide open competition for his spot.  While Reshad Jones has the inside track to the free safety spot, Tyrone Culver and former Vikings’ safety Tyrell Johnson will likely battle it out for the rights to the strong safety position.  The early favorite looks to be Tyrone Culver but this is definitely one to watch all summer.
  • Andre Branch is a rare rookie w/ an early shot at PT – The Jaguars newest player could end up being one of their most important.  Great article here that gives you a little background on Branch and focuses on how little the Jaguars have at defensive end outside of Jeremy Mincey. Read more…
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FF Weekly – Playoffs Challenge

January 4th, 2012 Joe Everett No comments

Mora-PlayoffsIf you haven’t already entered the FF Weekly Playoffs Challenge, I recommend doing so immediately because is giving away a prize package to the winner of the competition.

All you need to do to enter is post a comment in the section below or just e-mail, type “PLAYOFFS” in the subject and you’re in!

You can also hit me up on twitter at @FantasyExchange to enter and keep up with the competition as it’s going on.

League Home Page:


This a Weekly Pick ‘Em pool that requires each owner to submit their best group of players each week to score the most points throughout all four weeks of the playoffs.


It’s free to enter and you can play fantasy football in the post-season for a chance at a prize package, what more could you ask for? OK – I’ll work on getting some scantily clad women in the picture. ;)

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Early 2012 PPR Rankings

December 30th, 2011 Joe Everett No comments

camnewtonteddibiaseIs it WAY too early to start thinking about 2012 rankings?

Maybe it is but that isn’t stopping our friend Shane P Hallam, who is compiling a master list of fantasy football experts and their initial PPR Rankings over at

Why not post some of these here at TFE? Well the following is my entry for the master list which cannot include rookies and is a limited number of players but it may be helpful if you, like Shane, also have an early draft to prepare for.

Feel free to rip these rankings in the comment section or just hit me up on twitter: @FantasyExchange


1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Drew Brees
3. Tom Brady
4. Matt Stafford
5. Tony Romo
6. Cam Newton
7. Philip Rivers
8. Michael Vick
9. Eli Manning
10. Ben Roethlisberger
11. Peyton Manning
12. Matt Schaub
13. Jay Cutler
14. Carson Palmer
15. Matt Ryan
16. Josh Freeman
17. Ryan Fitzpatrick
18. Sam Bradford
19. Andy Dalton
20. Joe Flacco
21. Mark Sanchez
22. Jake Locker
23. Christian Ponder
24. Kyle Orton

Read more…

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IDP Report – 2012 Rankings

December 30th, 2011 Joe Everett 1 comment

Jason PierrePaulOn our last episode of “IDP Report Radio”, we brought up our initial 2012 Rankings and I had a lot of people asking where they can access that online.

Well, here’s my list from the show that includes extra sleeper picks just in case you would like to make fun of them at some point this off-season.

Don’t worry, this is NOT a final edition and you can expect some more extensive rankings when the draft is a little closer but until then, please enjoy ripping these apart…

Feel free to submit some feedback here or up on twitter: @FantasyExchange


• Defensive Linemen Rankings
1. Jared Allen-MIN
2. Jason Pierre-Paul-NYG
3. Terrell Suggs-BAL
4. Trent Cole-PHI
5. Justin Smith-SFO
6. Julius Peppers-CHI
7. Calais Campbell-ARI
8. Jeremy Mincey-JAX
9. Charles Johnson-CAR
10. Chris Long-STL

Read more…

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Coaching Impact: Cincinnati Bengals

July 18th, 2011 Joe Everett No comments

Bernard ScottOffensive Coordinator: Jay Gruden

The Bengals finally gave Bob Bratkowski the old heave ho, but don’t expect their run-heavy ways to stop. Head coach Marvin Lewis commented in the off-season that the team would get back to running the ball even more.  Jay Gruden is the brother of Jon Gruden and has most of his coaching experience in the Arena League and UFL, outside of being an offensive assistant for his brother with the Buccaneers from 2002 to 2008.  He was a successful Arena League quarterback and will look to implement some of those quick-hit passing concepts into Cincinnati’s offense.

Fantasy Football Impact

QB Andy Dalton: It’s to be assumed that Carson Palmer has played his last game as a Bengal and while the though of that of that might scare most, Dalton not only inherits a very talented young receiving corps but will also be coached by what most league insiders consider to be an up and coming offensive mind. Dalton will most certainly have rough stretches of the season but he does have some potential to be a matchup play during the course of the year.
RB Bernard Scott: Gruden will certainly have a lot of screen plays and check downs to the backs, featuring more high percentage passes for rookie passer to potentially work with. I’d expect some odd formations from the arena league offensive mind which would likely feature a talented receiver like Scott lining up in the slot, as well as in the same backfield as Cedric Benson (or whoever they bring in via free agency). Scott gets an upgrade in PPR leagues and makes for a nice mid round pick in most formats.
WR AJ Green: This year’s Bengals might be a rough version of what Gruden has in mind when it comes to the potential of starting somebody other than Carson Palmer for the first time in seven years. The positive is that AJ Green has the talent to overcome a bad situation and will likely lead Cincinnati in receptions and yardage in 2011. While that may not amount to a weekly starter in PPR leagues, I’d bet on him as a #4 receiver based on talent alone. (If you don’t believe me when I say that Green is one of the best receivers to come out since Calvin Johnson, then maybe you’ll believe this guy → AJ Green Profile).
WR Jordan Shipley: Shipley might end up being the player who benefits the most in the new offense because of his skill set and the passing attack featuring more timing based routes that will command precise route runners in the slot. His sure hands and ability to recognize the weaknesses in an opposing secondary will likely turn into a safety blanket underneath for whoever the quarterback ends up being. He’s going to be a nice late round receiver to take chance on because of his increased role in his second year.
TE Jermaine Gresham: Gresham is a forgotten man by some but Bengals fans in the know are expecting big things from the Oklahoma product. His ability to beat linebackers and safeties down the seam will be utilized quite often in this offense, it will also help that Gresham is going to be more than two full years removed from his torn ACL that cost him his senior season in college. While he may not be an ideal starter, he is a high end backup that’s brimming with potential.

Want more info or have questions on other players? Hit me up on Twitter → @FantasyExchange

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